Ads Management -

The Management software on-line is a new concept of management of your agency as it allows you complete management of the properties, applications, appointments and advertising and Internet publishers.

From the control panel (access reserved to subscribers) not just a portal but an irreplaceable ad management program with:

* Inclusion properties
* Property management
* Properties shared
* Manage contacts
* Managing customers
* Insert contact
* Handling requests
* Management staff
* Appointments
* New appointment
* Time line
* Enter newspaper ads
* Managing Editors
* Advertising
* Manage advertising portals
* Request Assistance
* Administration
* Manage Profile
* Export customers
* Export properties
* Property Search
* Search Requests consists of several modules such as:

"MLS-Net" system of shared property, which is activated upon the appropriate selection and choice in terms of cooperation from you down on your property.
It 'a resource for active collaboration between agents and property developers estate agents whether independent or affiliated associations

"Transferring I-Net" thanks to the partnership agreement, allows agencies to publish the property, included in the estate, in a completely automatic, free portals agreement and / or with which they have a contract.
The transfer module automatically of the properties on various portals free and / or payment.
It has no additional cost and is included in the package