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These benefits and the news Real Estate Italy:

From the Homepage of is accessed with immediacy at:

  • real estate search with advanced filter engine
  • real estate info request
  • list agencies
  • Find and sell home (proposal for a sale or rent property)
  • Quick search by province
  • Showcase real estate

From the Panel control (Access reserved for subscribers) not a simple portal announcements but an irreplaceable program management with:


  • Real estate loading buildings
  • real estate management
  • shared property



  • Address book management
  • Buyers management
  • Inserting contact
  • Required management



  • Management agents
  • Appointments
  • New appointment
  • Time line



  • Sending announcements journal
  • Managing editors
  • Advertising
  • Advertising portal management



  • Request assistance
  • Administration
  • Profile management
  • Export customers
  • Real estate export



  • Search real estate
  • Search requests

And for your business




means meeting say auto between supply and demand on the platform.

There are two ways to make a domanda-offerta junction: on-line matching: inserted request is compared with the entire real estate portfolio shared; real-time off-line matching: every night the system checks the intersection of all requests in portfolio and all shared buildings.

This system will optimize time, eliminating the stage of research for each individual inserted request and allowing managing a portfolio requests virtually unlimited.



refers to the transfer automatically both portals provincials both Club portals completely allows a wider presence on the web with greater opportunities for contact with the customer and not underestimating a saving of time and money

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