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Dear User, by signing the form "subscribe to the services' adherence to these" conditions ", in as professionals working in real estate, you adhere to the provision of free services offered by the Italian-estate portal . it for 30 days under the conditions below that you agree to comply fully.

1. Subject: The portal provides the user for 30 days and free of charge, the following services: a) creation of ads for the promotion of properties for sale and / or location on the portal network that includes the portal mentioned in the introduction, a portal in English (with English text provided by the user) and eight portals provincial character, b) use of web management software customers, crosses between supply and demand, calendar appointments and management of advertising; c) Using a platform MLS (Multiple Listing Service) that provides for the sharing and communication of real estate listings, to enable broad collaboration with other users - subscribers in order to facilitate the real estate agencies in satisfying customer demand d ) receipt by mail or telephone requests regarding the ads, e) ability to export individual ads placed in the portal, in order to allow the publication featured portals third parties and / or partners. The user is informed and agrees that the number of partner portals is subject to constant change and updating, both for the portal that will cause it to independent also, the peculiar characteristics of each portal may require you to subscribe for additional subscriptions, fees may apply, which, however, the user is free to subscribe to or less directly with them at their own.

2. Conclusion and duration: The user can use the services free for 30 days since communication enabling the portal to send you, this notice can be sent from the portal to the e-mail address and will contain the user's logon credentials (user name and password) that will enable the use of services. The user is also informed that this website does not have the legal characteristics of a public offer or an invitation to contract and therefore the portal at its sole discretion, reserves the right to refuse, suspend or cancel your registration without any need for communication.
At the end of the period of 30 days you will have the option of signing the supply contract on terms and conditions to be specified by the portal in a separate agreement.

3. Use of services: You acknowledge and agree that the services offered by the portal will use, for the duration indicated above, exclusively via the Internet and therefore he must equip himself at his own expense, suitable equipment hardware and software to be he maintained and updated efficiently. To take advantage of the services are necessary skills although not particularly complex including by way of example: use of a personal computer for web browsing, file / folder, insert (upload) of photographic images, using e-mail etc.. In any case, the portal will be liable for the malfunctioning of the services and / or any injury that might arise from you or others for facts and reasons attributable to the inefficiency of the equipment or service connection to the Internet and, more generally , to any other item to which the user must have in order to properly use them. You understand that all costs of connection and use of the Internet connection service and equipment costs necessary for the use of the services, are entirely on your own. You shall fully and agrees to hold harmless from now on the portal from any responsibility also for the sharing of real estate which is published and will be solely responsible. Sharing arrangements of immovable property may be agreed between the users and incorporated into the panel under "conditions of shares".

4. Changes in services: the portal reserves the right at any time to alter the consistency, the terms and conditions of services for a fee and / or their specifications, subscription fees and / or these conditions.

5. Continuity of services: the portal does not guarantee continued access or the correct view, download or use of facts and information on the portal pages, which can be prevented, hindered or interrupted by factors or circumstances outside the its control or for reasons not attributable thereto or attributable to the service "hosting provider that hosts the Web portal. The portal, however, reserves the right to suspend or terminate services, without liability, in case of force majeure or acts of others, and, generally, any impediment or obstacle that can not be overcome by the exercise of due diligence . The portal is not or will in any way responsible for any information or other content areas or in third party websites accessible through the portal and assumes no responsibility for the information, content, products and services offered or provided by third parties through the portal. The portal also does not assume any liability for any damages, losses, claims or expenses attributable to the user such as, but not limited to: interference, interruptions, errors, omissions, telephone failures, delays, blockages or disconnections in the functioning of the electronic system caused by deficiencies, errors and overloads on lines and telecommunications networks, or any other cause beyond its control, use of illegal programs and / or evil with any type of media, such as viruses or any other, use improper or incorrect use of the portal, or safety of navigation errors caused by a malfunction of the browser or for not using the latest versions.

6. Your obligations: You agree to indemnify and hold harmless the portal substantially from any liability, damages, losses, costs or expenses, including legal nature, that the portal would have to bear in an illustrative and not exhaustive because to:
a)  be false and / or incomplete information provided at the time of signing and / or lack of quality and / or technical knowledge required for the valid membership services;
b)  use of services for purposes that violate directly or indirectly, these general conditions, the Italian legislation of the host countries or networks or gateways affected by such unlawful use of services;
c)  use of services for purposes that violate directly or indirectly the safety or proper operation of equipment that make it possible and affordable services or creates an overload of services which could affect the proper functioning;
d)  use of services for purposes that violate directly or indirectly applicable laws, regulations, directives, agreements or other legal provisions for antitrust purposes, or to realize that restrictive agreements, abuse and / or concentration prohibited by law;
e)  transmission / dissemination / use of materials covered by copyright and / or industrial or commercial secret, personal data to third parties without permission from the rightful owner;
f)  displaying, advertising or offer products or services of third parties in the absence of consent of such person. You agree to notify the website of any action, claim or dispute by any party of which he is aware that could affect directly or indirectly against the portal

7. Disclaimer: You are aware that the portal is not involved in any way to communications made in Italy between its users and the user is solely responsible for the content of ads placed, which will not be screened and / or checked in advance by the portal. The website assumes no responsibility for the information posted by the user and is not responsible in any way: a) the quality, quantity, legality, suitability for purpose, safety, compliance with industry standards or imposed by law, the conditions and requirements for products and / or services exchanged between users, b) the accuracy and correctness of the descriptions, ads, collateral and documentation presented above products to users and / or services. The user therefore undertakes to maintain the portal in full free from any demand or claim. The portal, in order to ensure the confidentiality of electronic information flows sent and received by the user, as well as their integrity, has set up mechanisms and safety devices to protect data and programs, which constitute a reasonable defense against intruders the light of current technical knowledge, without thereby assuming any responsibility for any loss, alteration and unintentional dissemination of information transmitted through the services offered, attributable to events outside its direct control of the portal is not responsible for any loss and / or damage, direct or indirect including, without limitation, lost profits or any loss of opportunity from the user, determined by use of the Services in violation of these terms and conditions. The portal, through this agreement assumes a mere obligation of means and does not assume any responsibility or makes any warranty concerning the suitability of the services offered to achieve a useful outcome for any user activity, even in terms of economic performance and / or picture in any case the user is informed and accepts that neither the proposer nor the website be liable to the user, except in the case of willful misconduct or gross negligence, to a total of more than all 'amount of fees paid by you for services. You are also aware that the pricing of services was made on the basis of the limitations of liability referred to in this article, accordingly, has decided now to any dispute as to the quantification of any damages accruing to it . The portal will make the best of its ability to ensure that the information in its website is accurate, current, and appropriate, without assuming any responsibility for misinformation, misleading, outdated or omission of information. Any information contained in the portal means provided "as is" and the portal does not provide any warranty concerning the updating, quality, suitability for a particular purpose, accuracy and content of such information about documents contained within the portal and assumes no responsibility with regard to external pages that are referenced by the documents in the portal.

8. Properties and use of the data: by requesting the services you do not acquire any additional rights beyond what is explicitly recognized under these conditions. In particular, with the accession to the services the user does not acquire the intellectual property rights and / or industrial property rights and rights to economic exploitation of all that contributes to the operation of services, including, without limitation, databases, information, trademarks, patents, logos, and all other graphic and / or structural alteration made available to you through the services, such as property owned exclusively by the portal, which holds, among other things, all rights of exploitation You may use economic and / or reproduce the information referred to above for the exclusive use of the services in the manner and to the extent permitted by the contract. Except as provided above in any case the user may copy, reproduce, modify, merge, publish, publish and / or advertise in any manner and on any physical media, databases, and information that the portal or the proponent provide the user with the performance of this contract. It 'also prohibited users use the service does not conform to the standard portal that provides a normal consultation and downloading of documents through the links in the e-mail sent to or from the results of the search engine online. In particular it is forbidden to use specific software (not specific to the portal) to search, copy, download the contents of the portal and its databases.

9. Resolution: The portaleavrà right to terminate this contract pursuant to art. 1456 Civil Code in all cases of violation of Art. 5 (use of services), 8 (user requirements), 9 (Limitation of Liability), 10 (ownership and use of data), 16 (transfer of the contract). In any case, the termination of this contract, the portal will be entitled to retain any amounts already paid by the user, except the right to compensation for additional damages.

10. Communications - an address: All communications addressed to the portal user will be sent only by: registered mail To: Carrara (MS), 54033 - Via XX Settembre, 11 / B - Italy, or certified mail amministrazione@pec.immobiliare-italia.it PEC. Communications sent to the user, as provided for in the contract are being sent to the addresses indicated in the introduction, if the user elects domicile.

11. Personal data: except as indicated below in the information to the processing of personal data, you acknowledge and agree that neither the proposer nor the portal are kept or physically unable to perform any form of control over the use of services by user, and in particular on third party data collected and processed by the user during the portale.In transactions in accordance with the provisions of Legislative Decree 196/2003, the user will be required to collect, where due, the consents necessary for the processing of personal data to third parties for the sole purpose of enabling the provision of services.

12. Internet security: the user is fully aware of the ownership of transmission networks digital internet, their characteristics and their limits. In particular, you agree that: a) the transmission of data over the Internet is subject to technical limitations of objective and reliable during periods of saturation at particular times of the day, b) access to / from certain private network connection may depend on specific agreements and be subject to any restrictions on access, c) as the security measures were taken from the portal are such as to ensure a reasonable degree of reliability for the user, the data circulating on the Internet can not absolutely be considered immune from possible intruders and therefore the transfer of passwords, codes, and more generally any other information of a confidential nature shall be communicated to the user portal and / or others at your own risk.

13. Cookies-some pages of the portal have "cookies", small data files that are generated in the computer user or visitor to allow the portal to remember the language and the chosen site, as well as other characteristics or browsing preferences selected user to first access the portal. These cookies are not invasive or harmful, nor do they contain personal data, the only purpose which is to personalize your experience. In any case, the user may set your browser software or Internet "browser" to reject the generation of these "cookies."

14. Cessionedel contract: you may not transfer to another person, either for free or for consideration, temporarily or permanently, this contract without the prior consent of the portal. You agree that from now on that the portal may assign this contract, in whole or in part to third parties, subject to the possibility for the user to freely withdraw from the agreement by giving prior notice to the portal.

15. Law and Jurisdiction: This agreement is governed by Italian law and, although not expressly provided, the parties shall refer to the provisions of the Civil Code. Any dispute arising from or connected and / or interpretation of this contract will be submitted to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Court of Massa-Carrara.

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